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Attractions of Anjuna, Goa

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About Anjuna (Goa)

Anjuna is a laid-back coastal village on the Arabian Sea in Goa, southwest India. Anjuna Beach, a sandy cove dotted with palms and black rocks, was a well-known destination among hippies in the 1960s. Today it's known for its electronic music trance parties. Each Wednesday, a sprawling flea market sells handicrafts, jewelry and food. North of the beach is St. Anthony’s Chapel, an old church with a whitewashed facade

Ozran Beach

An extension of the Vagator Beach, Ozran Beach is often endearingly termed as the little Vagator. Ozran is larger than the mother Vagator, and is flanked by groves of palm trees offering much-needed respite from the heat for the travelers. Little Vagator is one of the most interesting places to visit near Anjuna Goa. The beach is mostly rocky, especially more so on the two extreme sides.

Surrounded by rolling green hills and rock formations, this beach offers a casual vibe and is a perfect spot to spend a relaxing time. The beach does not have any water sports facilities, but it does have the stunning Shiva Café serving delicious Tibetan food.

Baga Beach

Baga is a famous beach destination in North Goa that attracts thousands of tourists and watersports lovers to its heart. The beach shares its coastal line from the environs of Sinquerim, Candolim, and Baga, with the Baga shore being more lively and enticing. This bubbly beach is one of the best in Goa that stays awake the whole night. Called as "The Hometown of Nightlife," Baga beach is reputed for its cranky music celebrations by late-night, mouth-watering food, designer shops, and adventure sports.

Tourism in Goa’s coasts got ignited by 1960 after the famous summer gathering of hippies from San Francisco. Baga beach then became popular among foreigners and slowly more exciting ventures like fishing, paddleboarding, discos, and tattoo shops started in the mainland.

St. Michael’s Church

Built-in 1603, this Roman Catholic Church is one of the most popular places to visit around Anjuna Beach. It is also known as ‘Sao Miguel Arcanjo Igreja em Anjuna, Goa’ in Portuguese or locally known as The Anjuna church. The church’s Portuguese-style architecture is its prime attraction.

The front gate of the church is preceded by a statue of St. Michael, with a scale in his left hand and a demon pressed under his feet. Its heritage significance makes it one of the most important places to visit in Goa near Anjuna Beach

Chapora Fort

Looming high above the Chapora River, Chapora Fort was constructed in 1617 by the Portuguese settlers on an earlier Muslim structure. The fort was initially intended as a border watch post, but later fell to Hindu invaders and was eventually abandoned and left in ruins. Although the fortress now lies in complete ruin, the Chapora fort is one of the most popular places to visit in Goa near Anjuna Beach, due to its scenic locale.

It is located on a hill right above the Vagator beach and commands a clear view in all directions. The fort rose into prominence and popularity after its feature in the 2001 Bollywood movie Dil Chahta Hai, and the little area where the movie sequence was shot is now separately termed as the “Dil Chahta Hai” corner.

Anjuna Market

Let us give you a glimpse of why Anjuna Market is one of the utmost amazing tourist places in North Goa? Wednesday flea market that sells everything at a dirt cheap rate will bring one closer to this place. This place is so much livelier to chill at that you never want to leave it but alas, it's just a day in the week that it gains its prominence on.

One can find here handmade clothing, jewellery, beach clothes, hammocks, Buddha or Shiva statues and anything that trance magic can provide you. Grab a drink, have some stall food, wear hippie jewellery and dive in a completely new era at Anjuna flea market.

Splashdown Water park

Splashdown Waterpark is Goa’s largest park of its kind and one of the most adventurous places to visit around Anjuna Beach Goa. The facility boasts of six large swimming pools, a variety of slides, and many other attractions. The park offers rides for visitors of all ages. Its extreme water sports facilities include slides and flumes such as the ‘Tornado’, the ‘Panic Attack’, the ‘Twister’, the ‘Zoom Flume’, and many more.

Built especially for younger adventurers, the ‘Tad Pool’ allows tiny tots to enjoy a number of slides and water rides in a segregated area supervised by parents. Splashdown also has an Aqua Dance area and a Photo Booth for those who want to add a little extra to their experience at the park. The waterpark is one of the most fun places to visit near Anjuna Goa.

Club Cubana

Club Cubana is the ultimate Goa night club where you can enjoy a multitude of modern amenities, exciting features, the perfect party ambiance, and some great food. The club is situated on a hilltop with stunning panoramic views of the surrounding beaches and landscapes. Apart from this, you can also lounge by the large outdoor pool.

The club is frequented by local and international celebrities, musicians, travelers and other people of note, all of who are attracted to the club for its great atmosphere and even better parties.


What to say about Curlies shack that proudly gains tourists like anything at its service on Anjuna beach. Known for not only its glowing ambience but also the huge space it offers in form of a lounge, garden restaurant, bar, club zone, and open sea view platform.

Travellers love to visit here for the heart throbbing parties and delicacies they serve with yummy cocktails. Curlies also provide stay options to its guests and water sports activities so you may call it all in one and one for all.

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